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Releasing v0.4.0

ยท One min read
Muhammad Hamza
Maintainer of Gloo

The Gloo team is happy to announce a new version of Gloo: v0.4.0. Gloo is a modular toolkit for building fast, reliable Web applications and libraries with Rust and WASM.

What's new#

This release focuses on adding new features and crates.


  • gloo-utils crate: gloo_utils wraps common web_sys features to provide cleaner API for accessing window, working with JS Errors, etc.
  • Add dbg! equivalent in gloo_console for easy console.log debugging.


  • Remove the unnecessary copy in Blob::new (#152)
  • Fix dir, dirxml macros in gloo-console (#154)

Looking for contributors#

Gloo project is in need of contributors. It would be really appreciated if you could contribute or raise awareness about the Gloo project.