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A modular toolkit for building fast, reliable Web applications and libraries with Rust and Wasm

Gloo is a toolkit for building web applications and libraries with Rust and Wasm, composed of modular crates. Gloo crates include example code, both in their respective example folders, and commented in their code, as well as API documentation.

Gloo Crates

  1. console
  2. dialogs
  3. events
  4. file
  5. history
  6. net
  7. render
  8. storage
  9. timers
  10. utils
  11. worker

Using Gloo

Gloo is a modular toolkit: Each of its crates can either be used via the umbrella gloo crate, which re-exports all of them for a stream-lined, holistic experience, or each crate can be used independently.

Getting Started

Read our Getting Started guide to learn more.